Erythritol: The Healthiest Sweetener You’re Not Using (Yet!)

erythritol sweetener

What if we told you there was a substance man has been eating for millennia that looks, acts (and tastes!) just like sugar, but with none of the health-souring side effects?

Drum roll please: Introducing erythritol – the world’s first, all-natural, zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener for sugar free desserts.

Naturally found in a wide variety of foods including mushrooms, watermelon, pears and grapes (as well as fermented foods like sake, wine and soy sauce), erythritol is the “Papa of the Polyols”, a group of non-nutritive sweeteners that are also known as sugar alcohols.

While erythritol mimics sugar’s sweet taste, it behaves quite differently in the body. First, it is slowly and incompletely absorbed from the small intestine into the blood. Then, the very small amount of erythritol that is absorbed gets converted to energy by processes that require little or no insulin. That’s why sugar free desserts made with erythritol won’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels – and that’s great news for anyone who is concerned about their weight or diabetes.

And here’s another benefit to smile about. Unlike sugar, erythritol actually guards against the bacteria that cause cavities, Streptococcus mutans. In fact, the FDA has passed a ruling allowing manufacturers to highlight the benefits of sugar alcohols – including erythritol and xylitol – for the prevention of cavities. And who doesn’t want fewer trips to the dentist?

Here at Wellness Bakeries, we use erythritol from non-GMO sources as the primary ingredient in our synergistic sweetener blend. We know your taste buds will rejoice and your body will thank you for making such a sweet and healthy choice.

Give Up Sugar… and Keep Your Sweet Tooth Happy!

What if you could satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice (or two!) of the most luxuriously delicious dark chocolate cake, without a care as to how it might affect your health… or your waistline? Now you can!

Our all-natural gluten free Chocolate Bliss Cake is packed with protein, full of fiber and brimming with antioxidants and omega-3s. And because it scores so low on the glycemic index, it is even safe for diabetics. You won’t believe a dessert this good can be this good for you!

To learn more about the amazing, functional ingredients in our cake and how you can taste it for yourself, read our Letter to Dessert Lovers.


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