Almond Flour

Gluten Free Almond Flour

People think it’s a little nutty when we tell them the ingredient we use most here at Wellness Bakeries is almond flour. But we don’t! Almonds are not only a nutritional standout but provide richness and density that ordinary flour-based cakes just can’t touch.

And in this day and age of chronic disease and expanding waistlines, almonds are just what the doctor ordered.

Almond Flour: The Superfood Flour for Better Baking (and Better Health!)

Studies show that people who eat the most almonds (and other nuts) tend to have the slimmest waistlines. One reason is because the cell walls of the almond act as a physical barrier to the absorption of fat in the intestines. And with their “trimming trifecta” of healthy fat, protein and dietary fiber, they cause a feeling of fullness – a big benefit to weight loss.

But the attributes of the almond don’t end there. These nuggets of nutrition boast more calcium than any other nut, provide a significant source of magnesium, a healthy amount of vitamin E and more dietary fiber than any other nut or seed.

Because over 65% of the fat in almond flour is monounsaturated, these golden morsels help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels – a key factor in heart health. In fact, in 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a health claim recognizing that almonds can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition to the Qualified Health Claim, nine clinical studies to date indicate that almonds can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels as part of a diet low in saturated fat.

And here’s one more. Almonds nutritional arsenal also helps to balance blood sugar which is a big benefit to those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Researchers found that diets containing almonds promote glycemic control and help to normalize impaired fasting glucose (IFG).

Here at Wellness Bakeries, we pack our healthy baking mixes with delicious, finely milled almond flour, producing the buttery goodness you’re taste buds will crave and the health benefits your body will thank you for.

The Best Desserts, Breakfasts & Breads in the World…
And Every Bite Packed with Almond Flour!

We think you’ll go nuts for the 100% pure almond flour that gives our baking mixes an unforgettably moist, buttery texture. But we didn’t start with almonds simply for the taste. Almonds are also chock-full of protein, healthy fats and fiber, which is why our treats provides such a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

And almonds are just the beginning. Learn about the many functional ingredients in our delicious, healthy baking mixes… and try a slice for yourself 100% Risk Free!


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