Better Baking – Your Complete Guide to Creating Low-Glycemic, Gluten-Free & Paleo Desserts, Breads, Breakfasts & Treats!

How many times have you tried a gluten free dessert recipe or a Paleo dessert recipe you found online… only to be disappointed? You know the ones – they look SO delicious in the pictures… and SO easy to make, yet your version is a complete flop, despite following the instructions to a “t”.

paleo cinnamon rolls

Super simple Paleo Cinnamon Rolls – 100% grain free, 100% deliciousness. See p. 58

The truth is, baking is a science. And exact science at that. And while using traditional ingredients like sugar, wheat flour and oil tends to produce more consistent results, working with gluten free flours and alternative healthy sweeteners can be more challenging, and a LOT less forgiving.

That’s why we have created the ULTIMATE fail-proof, gluten free and Paleo baking compendium…

Better Baking – Your Guide to Low Glycemic, Gluten Free Baking

You see, since 2005, we have been creating low-glycemic, gluten-free and all-natural blend-and-bake mixes that allow you to whip up decadent desserts, nourishing breakfasts and chewy breads with just a few simple ingredients… and with NO frustrating guesswork or embarrassing baking flops.

With nearly a decade of experience, we know how these ingredients behave and the particular methods to use to turn out beautiful and delicious gluten free desserts, breakfasts, breads and treats – EVERY time!

Sun-Dried Tomato Focaccia

Chewy focaccia… that’s Paleo? Yes we did! P. 49

Best of all, you can easily make these delicious (and healthy) creations in your own kitchen… in a few minutes time… and for LESS than you would spend at your local bakery or creating these goodies from scratch.

Take a look:

Almond Flour: $9/lb.
Coconut Flour: $5/lb.
Coconut Sugar: $
Stevia: $15/oz.
Organic Cocoa: $12/lb.
Organic Dark Chocolate Chips: $15/lb.

You could easily spend HUNDREDS of dollars stocking your pantry with the ingredients you need to make these desserts. Not to mention, all of the time and effort to weigh and measure everything.

But with Wellness Bakeries mixes, you can enjoy all of your favorite gluten free desserts, breads and breakfasts – for less than $1 per serving!

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Gluten Free & Paleo Baking Recipes… And SO Much More!

double chocolate paleo cookies

The ULTIMATE gluten free chocolate chip cookie. Se p. 62

But you won’t just enjoy an assortment of crave-worthy gluten free and Paleo recipes in Better Baking. You’ll also learn:

    • How to Stock Your Pantry for Healthy Baking at Home
  • Quick Tips for Turning Out Perfect Desserts


  • The Best Tools for Healthy Baking


  • How to Create Perfectly Sweet Desserts… without Sugar


  • And Much, Much More!




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You don’t have to take our word for the quality and delicious flavor of our products. For nearly a decade we’ve enjoyed praise from our loyal and happy customers like these:

This bread is unbelievable! Since going Paleo, I thought I would have to give up bread for good. I used your Better Bread to make a Paleo meatball sub and it ROCKED. Thank you Wellness Bakeries! – Todd C. Sacramento, CA




Your new Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is TO DIE FOR! I made the Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were amazing – crispy and chewy just like you said. I can’t believe they have less than 2 grams of sugar. – Jessica B., Raleigh NC

We hope you will enjoy each and every one of our uniquely delicious products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you! Every recipe in Better Baking has been tested and photographed in our new test kitchen for results you can rely on. Simply sign up for our newsletter below to get our new healthy, gluten free recipe book – with more than 70 amazingly delicious, simple recipes – absolutely FREE!
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