Healthy Baking Articles

Baking with Flaxseed (Safe or NOT?)

baking with flaxseed

At Wellness Bakeries, we take your health VERY seriously. In addition to the significant effort it takes to formulate products that are unlike anything else on the market, we also commit a great deal of time and expense to research the ingredients that we use.We want to know the pros and cons of everything that goes into our products – and we … [read more]

Are There Anti-Nutrients in Almond Flour?

anti-nutrients in almond flour

If you’ve been doing your homework (as you should when it comes to your health), you may have come across information about so-called "anti-nutrients" found in almonds and other nuts. If you're wondering what that means for your health, this article should provide some clarification on the matter. Anti-Nutrients in Almond Flour and Nuts (And The … [read more]

Egg Substitutes

Healthy Egg Substitutes

Can’t do eggs? Forget the fake egg substitutes made from soy protein and chemicals. Instead opt for natural substitutes, like the ones we’ve suggested below. Keep in mind, anytime a recipe calls for more than two eggs, replacing them with egg equivalents may not produce the same results. … [read more]

Sugar and Memory Loss


Is there a connection between consuming sugar and memory loss? Read on to learn more...If you indulge in sugar-laden foods and beverages you may be increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to recent research conducted at the University of Alabama.Researchers used a genetic mouse model that develops Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in … [read more]

Cocoa Flavanols Boost Memory

cocoa flavanols

Can cocoa flavanols boost memory? New research says "yes"!A natural compound found in cocoa (as well as blueberries, tea and wine) may help to enhance your memory, according to newly published research."This finding […] identifies a single natural chemical with memory-enhancing effects, suggesting that it may be possible to optimize brain … [read more]

Coconut Oil for Candida

coconut oil for candida

Interested in using coconut oil for candida? Read on to learn more about how this superfood can promote healthy digestive balance.If you're like 95 million Americans, digestive health is concern for you. And it should be. An estimated 70% of the cells of your immune system are in your digestive tract.One of the most important things you can … [read more]

Baking with Almond Flour To Lose Weight

Gluten Free Almond Flour

If you’re trying to trim your tummy, don’t let this advice go to waste.New research shows that adding almonds to your diet and baking with almond flour may not only aid in your weight-loss efforts, but also reduce your body fat and cinch your midsection significantly. … [read more]

Almond Flour Nutrition Equals a Healthy Heart

Almond flour nutrition - hands

Almonds don't just please your taste buds. Almond flour nutrition can also protect your heart.Research conducted at the State University of New York found that consuming a diet moderate in fat, but providing healthy monounsaturated fatty acids offers more benefits to the heart than a diet low in fat. … [read more]