Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


Do You Love Dessert…
But Not The Sugar?

We’ve got the solution for you!

Wellness Bakeries has Created the Most
Luxuriously Delicious, Dark Gluten Free Chocolate
Cake that (Serving for Serving) Provides:

  • More fiber than a bowl of bran flakes
  • More protein than a scrambled egg
  • More antioxidant power than six cups of blueberries
  • Less sugar than a sliver of an apple
  • Fewer calories than a serving of yogurt

Dear Health Conscious Dessert Lover,

What if you could satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice (or two!) of the most luxuriously rich, irresistibly delicious, dark chocolate cake… without a care in the world as to how it might affect your health… or your waistline?

Just imagine biting into a warm piece of chocolate cake, topped with a chocolate ganache frosting or a raspberry glaze… so moist it practically melts in your mouth… and so flavorful that it satisfies every craving.

Normally, you might feel guilty about indulging in such a sweet pleasure. But not anymore, because this is one decadent indulgence you can feel GREAT about!

If you keep an eye on your health, but you still love the occasional sweet treat, you’ll be glad to know that you can…

Have Your Cake… and Be Well Too

Enjoying a delicious dessert at the end of a great meal is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. But we usually end up feeling worse after a sugar-laden dessert.

Not to mention that sugar damages our cells, makes our bodies store fat and slows down our metabolic machinery. And for those with diabetes, “real” desserts just aren’t on the menu.

But now, thanks to the latest in nutritional science there are all-natural ingredients that perfectly match the sweetness and taste of sugar, without the calories or health consequences.

There are also a myriad of functional ingredients that can boost the fiber, protein, healthy fats and antioxidants in a dessert… while improving the taste at the same time!

We have used these ingredients to create the most divinely delicious dessert, made with all-natural ingredients that you can enjoy without a moment’s guilt.

But before we introduce you to the best tasting, healthiest chocolate cake ever baked, we should introduce ourselves…

Welcome to Our Kitchen

mix your gluten free chocolate cake mix in a large bowlWe are Jon and Kelley Herring, and the inspiration for our cakes started close to home.

We both enjoy cooking and entertaining for our friends and family. We love great food and wine. And we’re also very conscious of our health.

Now, that doesn’t mean we sacrifice. But it does mean that we eat all-natural, whole foods… and we strictly limit the amount of sugar in our diet.

For the longest time, that meant there were very few desserts on the menu. Until now, it has been nearly impossible to find an all-natural dessert that is very low in sugar… and still tastes perfectly delicious.

  • The desserts and mixes you find in a health food store might use natural, organic ingredients. But they still use sugar in one form or another. Whether it’s listed as “evaporated cane juice” or “brown rice syrup” or “organic sugar”, it’s all the same… SUGAR!
  • Then there are the so-called “diet” desserts and mixes at your regular grocery store. While these desserts bag the sugar, the chemical sweeteners they replace it with taste awful… and they’re even WORSE for your health!

When it came to dessert, there were exceedingly few options that were truly decadent… and good for you too. So we set out on a mission.

Our goal was to create a divinely delicious dessert, made with all-natural ingredients that we could enjoy without a moment’s guilt.

We’ll tell you exactly how we did it, and what it means to you. But first, you might want to know our qualifications…

Sweet Synergy and a Passion for Health

Since childhood, Kelley has loved cooking and baking and creating recipes. In her adult life, she has an extensive background in nutritional biochemistry and the study of human health.

These two passions led Kelley to serve as Editor in Chief of the Healing Gourmet four-book series published by McGraw Hill. In this capacity, she led a team of 12 doctors, dieticians and chefs from world renowned institutions to create educational tools, cutting-edge meal plans and recipes designed to prevent and treat the most pressing health concerns of our day.

our wedding enjoying gluten free chocolate cakeJon also has a passion for health. He is an outspoken critic of “pill and procedure” medicine and a vocal proponent for natural health, achieved through an organic, whole foods diet and vigorous exercise.

For several years Jon served as the Health Editor of Early To Rise, the Internet’s most popular health, wealth and success newsletter, where he has written hundreds of articles for the publication’s 400,000 loyal readers.

Together, we combined our knowledge of health and nutrition… Kelley’s passion for cooking… and Jon’s ability to say “Mmmmm, that’s good”… to create the world’s healthiest and best tasting dessert.

Now, let us show you…

How We Created the Perfect Chocolate Cake

a slice of our gluten free chocolate cakeTo simplify our quest, we focused on our favorite – Chocolate Cake. We set out to create the best tasting, healthiest chocolate cake ever baked.

We refused to compromise or settle for anything less than extraordinary. We simply would not be satisfied until we created something just as good as what you might expect in a fine restaurant.

We started with several of the most decadent chocolate cake recipes we could find. The first step was to take out every ingredient that was unnatural or refined. We removed anything unhealthy, that would spike your blood sugar or cause your body to store fat.

Then we began to replace these ingredients with health-promoting, all-natural alternatives… but it wasn’t easy.

Out with the Old… In With the New

Then we began to replace these ingredients with health-promoting, all-natural alternatives… but it wasn’t easy.

With every substitution, we wanted to make the cake healthier. But we wanted to make it taste better too. It had to be luxuriously moist and just as sweet and rich as the sugar and flour-laden recipe we started with.

We tested almost a dozen natural sweeteners, mixing these ingredients over and over, until we found the perfect blend of sweetness… the exact taste and texture of sugar… but with NONE of the guilt.

We studied the scientific research, learning everything we could about functional ingredients that give your health a dramatic boost.

We pored over food industry publications, seeking the latest natural ingredients that could add protein, antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber.

And we consulted with manufacturers and food scientists to learn how to use these ingredients in the proper ratios, to get just the right moisture and density… while making our cake taste EVEN BETTER than the original!

After almost a year and dozens of formulations, we are proud to say that we finally discovered the secrets to make it all work.

We created a chocolate cake that is not only irresistibly delicious, it is better for your health than what most people have for dinner.

We knew we had succeeded when we fed it to dessert connoisseurs and pastry chefs, children and chocolate-lovers alike. They all raved, and not a single crumb was left!

We called it Chocolate Bliss Cake, and pretty soon…

Word Started Getting Around…

It wasn’t long before people starting asking about Chocolate Bliss Cake.

Our friends Shane and Lea-Ann wanted it for their children’s birthday parties. Kelley’s mom asked for it at every holiday gathering. Our friend Scott wanted it for his grandmother with diabetes, who LOVES chocolate. A restaurant down the street asked to feature it on their menu.

But we couldn’t possibly bake a cake for everyone who asked. And after working so long and hard to create our formula, we didn’t want to give the recipe away to just anyone either.

So we started bagging up the ingredients as a fool-proof, dry mix so that our friends and family could bake their own Chocolate Bliss Cake, steaming fresh, in 30 minutes or less.

Word traveled fast. We even received calls from distributors and health food stores. We soon realized that our friendly hobby could benefit lots of people… and that we needed more than a kitchen-based operation.

That’s when Wellness Bakeries was born

You Won’t Believe a Cake This Good…
Can Be This Good For You!

We established Wellness Bakeries and set up a small manufacturing facility to provide our one-of-a-kind cake mix and Chocolate Ganache Frosting to anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy easy-to-make, absolutely delicious dessert!

In a moment, we’ll show you how you can taste it for yourself. But first, you should know what’s in our cakes… and just as important, what is NOT.

a package of our gluten free chocolate cake mixWellness Bakeries’ Chocolate Bliss Cake is crafted with 100% natural and organic ingredients. That means, there are:

  • NO Refined Sugar
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • NO Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Oils)
  • NO Preservatives

Every bite is packed with protein, full of fiber and brimming with healthy fats. It’s extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And because it scores so low on the glycemic index, it is even safe for diabetics.

Serving for serving Chocolate Bliss Cake provides:

  • More fiber than a bowl of bran flakes
  • More protein than a scrambled egg
  • More antioxidant power than six cups of blueberries
  • Less sugar than a sliver of an apples
  • Fewer calories than a serving of yogurt

Research shows that if you want to build muscle, burn fat and prevent disease, you should eat natural foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in protein and rich in healthy fats.

And that’s exactly what you get in every delicious bite of Chocolate Bliss.

order your gluten free chocolate cake

Now, let us show you how we use a perfect balance of the finest ingredients to pack so much nutrition into every bite…

It’s In The Mix… A Taste You’ll Go Nuts For!

almonds are an ingredient in our gluten free chocolate cakeThe first ingredient in our cake is 100% pure almond flour – raw, natural almonds ground into a fine powder. This gives our cake a moist, buttery texture that you won’t soon forget.

In fact, we think you’ll go nuts for it!

But we didn’t start with almonds simply for the taste. Almonds are also chock-full of protein, healthy fats and fiber, which is why you’ll get such a long-lasting feeling of fullness from Chocolate Bliss Cake.

This is one of the reasons why studies show that people who eat the most almonds have the slimmest waistlines. And the benefits don’t stop there.

Almonds also provide blood sugar-balancing magnesium, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, more calcium than any other nut, and three times the antioxidant power of broccoli.

And wait ‘til you hear this…

When Chocolate is the Destination
You Know the Trip will be Sweet

If you love chocolate, rejoice! There are two full cups of organic cocoa in every Chocolate Bliss Cake. With so much rich chocolate baked into every bite, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

dark organic cocoa in our gluten free chocolate cakeThe first hint you have arrived will be the steamy chocolate vapors wafting through your house. Your head may become light. You might want to sit down.

And wait until you take a bite of this divine creation. A feeling of warm chocolate perfection will envelop you.

And while you’re enjoying this pleasurable trip to Chocolate Bliss you’ll also get out-of-this world health benefits from one of the greatest known superfoods!

Nutritional Power that is OFF the Charts

The best measure of a food’s antioxidant power is called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). Foods with a higher ORAC score have a greater ability to fight free radicals, the molecules largely responsible for aging and disease.

So, get this…

Researchers at the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory measured the ORAC of various foods. Raw broccoli, for example, has an ORAC score of 1,362. That’s pretty good, but not nearly as high as blueberries. With a score of 6,552, blueberries rank near the top of all fruits and vegetables.

But even blueberries can’t hold a candle to cocoa. With an ORAC score of 80,933 the antioxidant power of cocoa powder is simply off the charts!

antioxidants in gluten free chocolate cake

And we never use cocoa that has been “Dutch-processed” (treated with alkalizing agents), which adds chemical contaminants and slashes the antioxidant value in half.

Organic cocoa is also super-rich in flavonols, which help prevent clogged arteries and promote healthy blood pressure… proving that it can be downright delicious to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke!
And if you’re feeling blue, have an extra slice of Bliss, because…

This Chocolate Aroma will Lift Your Spirits

Rich, organic cocoa is full of “good mood compounds” which boost the neurotransmitters that promote feelings of euphoria while diminishing anxiety.

Cocoa also triggers the release of endorphins, the hormones that give you a warm inner glow.

And you’ll find not a hint of bitterness in these heavenly bites, because, we’ve discovered the…

Wholesome Sugar Substitutes of the Future

With its clean, naturally sweet taste, everyone who savors a slice believes our cake is made with sugar. But it’s not. Instead, we use a synergistic blend of six all-natural ingredients.

we sweeten our gluten free chocolate cake with erythritolThese are not the fake, rearranged molecules of the Atkins era. You won’t detect even a hint of bitterness or chemical aftertaste.

The primary sweetener we use is erythritol (pronounced eh-RITH-ri-tol) exclusively from non-GMO sources. Erythritol is a natural compound found in a wide variety of foods like watermelon, pears and grapes.

When our blend of all-natural ingredients are mixed in the proper ratio, they produce a taste and texture that is virtually identical to sugar… but with almost none of the calories and a very low glycemic load.

That’s how an entire slice of Chocolate Bliss Cake has fewer grams of sugar than one quarter of an apple. So you can enjoy your dessert without packing on the pounds or spiking your blood sugar!

And speaking of maintaining a lean, healthy body…

order your gluten free chocolate cake

This is the Whey to Build Muscle… Burn Fat…
And Protect Your Immune System

If you want to build muscle, blast away fat and boost your overall health, you need high quality protein in your diet.

And that’s just what you’ll get in every slice of Chocolate Bliss Cakethe highest quality whey protein isolate, and lots of it.

our gluten free chocolate cake is also high in proteinWhey protein isolate is the most bioavailable source of protein ever studied – twice that of chicken or beef. No other protein boosts growth, health and performance like whey.

And the whey isolate we use is 100% organic and never heat processed. It comes from cows that graze on pesticide-free, natural grass pastures and are never exposed to hormones or antibiotics.

It’s expensive, but it’s also the best.

And you’ll know Chocolate Bliss Cake is packed with it for how well it satisfies your hunger… promoting a feeling of fullness that lasts for hours.

It could even help you shed a few pounds.

You see, a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is the best way to activate glucagon, also known as the “weight loss hormone”. Glucagon is essential for breaking down body fat… and the only way to encourage its production is to eat fewer carbs and more protein.

But the whey protein in Chocolate Bliss will do A LOT MORE for you than help build muscle and burn fat. It also helps to

Boost Your Most Powerful Healing Agent

Glutathione is a compound in your body that boosts immunity… improves liver function… repairs DNA damage… slows down aging… and removes toxic metals. It even helps to regenerate other antioxidants so they can continue scavenging for the free radicals that cause aging and disease.

Quite simply, it is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and healing agent.

The problem is that your body absorbs almost none of the glutathione from your diet. Instead, you need a compound in your diet (cysteine) that allows your body to produce its own supply.

Instead, you need a compound in your diet (cysteine) that allows your body to produce its own supply. And the BEST KNOWN SOURCE of cysteine is whey protein isolate.

And the nutritional highlights of Chocolate Bliss Cake don’t stop there.

Feed the Good-for-You Germs
that Guard Against Disease

Right now, there is a war going on inside your body…

In your digestive tract are billions of beneficial bacteria, called probiotics.

These good-for-you germs help to digest nutrients which cannot be broken down by enzymes in your stomach.

But that’s not all these healthy bacteria are responsible for. They are also your body’s first line of defense against “bad” bacteria and viruses that can cause infection and disease.

The good news is that YOU can control the outcome of this “war”. You see, both forms of bacteria have a favorite food. And if they don’t get enough, they’ll die.

The bad bacteria feed on SUGAR.

Whether it comes from bagels and French fries, soft drinks or a sugar-laden dessert, when you eat a lot of simple carbohydrates, you help the harmful bacteria proliferate… while starving your own probiotic warriors.

And that’s the last thing you want if you wish to remain healthy.

Instead, your goal is to starve the bad bacteria by strictly limiting sugar and high glycemic carbs. And you want to FEED the good guys, so they multiply and thrive.

The friendly bacteria have a favorite food too… FIBER!

You will be glad to know that there are…

Seven Grams of Fiber in Every Slice!

One slice of Chocolate Bliss Cake provides 40% more fiber than a serving of bran flakes. How do we do it?

There are ELEVEN different ingredients in our cake that add fiber. Some of these, like almond flour, coconut flour, flaxseed powder and cocoa add moisture, taste and texture.

Others ingredients, like resistant starch and vegetable gums are “invisible”. These are high-purity powders with no caloric value and virtually no effect on taste. In other words, you’ll never know they are there.

But ALL of these ingredients offer AMAZING health benefits.

Let us explain…

The Amazing Health Benefits of Fiber

You’ve just seen why people who eat the most fiber have better digestive health and a stronger immune system.

They are also closer to their optimal weight and enjoy a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. That’s because a high-fiber diet:

  • Slows the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. Fiber lowers the glycemic load of what you eat, helping to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your insulin levels under control.
  • Remove toxins and waste from the body. Fiber even helps to block harmful compounds which can lead to cancer, especially in the colon.
  • Increases your feeling of fullness, so you’ll automatically eat less. It’s no wonder why research shows that those who eat the most fiber have the healthiest body weight.
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber soaks up cholesterol like sawdust over an oil spill, blocking its absorption and carrying it from your system.

And that brings us to one more nutritional superstar…

order your gluten free chocolate cake

Do You Need More Healthy Fat in Your Diet?

Fat is not nearly the nutritional villain it was made out to be by the “low-fat” diet craze of the last 20 years.

a delicious molten gluten free chocolate cakeOf course, there are some fats you should avoid. But there are others you simply cannot live without – like omega-3 fatty acids. Virtually every cell in your body depends on omega-3s to function properly.

And chances are you’re not getting enough of these essential fats, because they don’t exist in most foods.

That’s why we use a heaping portion of organic flaxseed powder in every Chocolate Bliss Cake… enough so it is considered an “excellent source” of an omega-3 fat called alpha-linolenic-acid (ALA).

The flaxseed powder contributes to the sweet, nutty flavor of our cake. And because it’s full of protein, fiber and healthy fat, it helps give you that long-lasting feeling of satisfaction.

Flaxseed is also one of the healthiest foods on the planet. There are literally thousands of scientific studies that prove the benefits of omega-3s.

In addition to improving your vision and promoting smooth, youthful skin, here’s a brief list of how these essential fats can boost your health. Omega-3s help to:

  • Prevent heart disease and stroke by supporting healthy cholesterol levels, reducing dangerous triglycerides, and keeping your blood pressure right where it’s supposed to be.
  • Promote healthy joints, improve mobility and prevent the pain and inflammation of arthritis.
  • Support healthy brain function, decreasing depression and anxiety, while improving learning ability, memory and attention span.
  • Increase the metabolism of body fat, speed up weight loss, and improve insulin function and blood sugar balance.
  • Reduce your risk of cancer, especially in the breast, prostate, colon and skin.

Flaxseeds are also the richest known source of a group of antioxidant compounds called lignans.

Lignans boost the immune system and they also show strong anti-cancer properties.

To give you an idea just how rich flaxseeds are in these nutrients, consider that broccoli is also a good source of lignans. But you would have to eat 60 cups of broccoli to get the same amount of lignans in one Chocolate Bliss Cake.

We love broccoli… but not quite that much!

Before we show you how you can taste our cake for yourself, take note of one final, very important ingredient…

A Gift from the “Tree of Life”

Some Asian and Pacific populations value the coconut palm so highly they call it the “Tree of Life.” We value it too, because coconuts provide one of our most important ingredients – coconut flour.

coconut flour is a key ingredient in gluten free chocolate cakeCoconut flour is simply fresh, organic coconut meat that has been dried and ground into a very fine powder. And this simple addition gives our cake a taste and texture that is beyond compare.

When you bite into a warm slice of Chocolate Bliss, it tastes like every morsel is glistening with sweet melted butter…

That’s the coconut flour.

And like all our ingredients, coconut flour adds a lot more than just taste. It is gluten-free. It has fewer carbohydrates and more fiber than any other flour. And it’s high in protein.

fiber content of coconut flour in gluten free chocolate cake
We know your mouth is watering for a bite of Chocolate Bliss, and we’ll show you how to taste it for yourself in a moment.

But first, you must know about two ingredients you will NEVER find in our cake… refined sugar and artificial sweeteners… and why.

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Most of us love sugar and starch. But it seems we love these things too much. Did you know the average person in the United States consumes 156 pounds of sugar each year?

For many sugar is a real addiction. It stimulates the same For many, sugar is a real addiction. It stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain as some drugs. And just like a drug, it can put your energy levels and mood on a roller coaster.

When you consume a high-glycemic meal, whether it’s mashed potatoes, a can of soda or a sugar-laden dessert, your blood sugar rises rapidly.

This can make you feel better temporarily. But once your body has responded to the rush of blood sugar, you crash.

You’re often left feeling drowsy and unable to concentrate. You get “the blahs” and pretty soon you’re hungry again. And the only thing that makes you feel better is… more sugar!

But even worse than how it can make you feel, sugar wreaks havoc on your health.

Here’s the REAL Scoop on Sugar

The reason why sugar causes so many problems is insulin. This is the hormone your body uses to drive sugar into your muscles where it is used for energy.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone. It stores calories from carbohydrates in the form of fat. And the last thing any of us want is to store more fat.

But the consequences go way beyond having a “spare tire” or too much “junk in the trunk.” Insulin is also the most inflammatory compound in the body.

Chronically high insulin levels damage your blood vessels, cause you to age more rapidly, weaken your immune system, and dramatically increase your risk of almost ALL degenerative diseases… especially diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

It has been shown that, on average, sugar addicts eliminate 15 years from their lifespan, which is why some health professionals call the over-consumption of sugar “suicide in slow motion”.

There’s no question about it. If you want to maintain your optimal weight… live a long and healthy life… and slow down the hands of time… you must eat a low glycemic diet.

And thanks to Wellness Bakeries, that does NOT mean you have to give up dessert. So, let’s talk about how you can get the goodies…

order your gluten free chocolate cake

What is Your Health Worth to You?

The fact that you’re reading this letter tells us that you care about the quality of food you eat.

Perhaps there’s someone in your family who’s struggling with a health condition and needs to eat better. Or maybe you’re just looking for a truly healthy dessert that your family and kids will love.

Whatever the case, it’s clear you understand that no investment is more valuable than an investment in your health.

When you choose Wellness Bakeries’ Chocolate Bliss Cake you’re making a wise investment in your health.

You see, this is not a dessert that is simply “not bad for you.” This is a dessert that is really, really good for you!

Sinfully Delicious… Divinely Nutritious

As you’ve clearly seen, we use only the very best organic and natural ingredients, each one carefully chosen and mixed in the proper ratio… so our cake is moist and dense, perfectly sweet and full of chocolate.

gluten free chocolate cake with frostingAnd while your taste buds might not notice, Chocolate Bliss Cake is a functional food in every respect.

It is filled with ingredients that go way beyond taste and basic nutrition, offering protection against cancer, heart disease and diabetes… boosting your mood, bolstering your immunity and balancing your blood sugar.

Every bite is rich in muscle-building protein, full of heart-healthy fats and brimming with immune-boosting fiber. And in every slice you’ll get a heaping portion of disease-fighting, age-defying antioxidants.

Don’t You Deserve the Very Best?

As you can imagine, the price of our cake is higher than what you might find in your local grocery store.

After all, the ingredients they use are cheap and abundant. But the REAL price you and your family pay for those desserts is far more than what you shell out at the register.

Considering all the refined sugar, white flour, trans fat, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and processed ingredients… desserts like this take a very costly toll on your health.

That’s not a price you should be willing to pay.

And while you might find something more “natural” at the health food store, these desserts are still sweetened with SUGAR. And they don’t contain even a fraction of the nutritional benefits of Chocolate Bliss Cake.

You could also get a ready-made “gourmet” cake online or from a local bakery. But be prepared to spend at least $50 PER CAKE. That’s more than $4 a slice! And you’re still looking at a dessert that is a disaster for your health and well-being.

Quite simply, there is nothing that compares to Chocolate Bliss. Nowhere else will you find a world class superfood masquerading as a truly decadent dessert!

And you will be delighted to know that it can be yours for less than $0.90 per slice (or cupcake, if you prefer)!

So, treat yourself and your family to the very best…

Our “Tasting is Believing” Introductory Offer…

Wellness Bakeries’ Chocolate Bliss Cake is only available through this special offer. And you should know that we do not ship individual cake mixes. It is simply not cost effective.

Our mixes are delivered in packages of three, six or a dozen. And because we sell in volume, we offer you a discount on every order!

You might be asking… who needs 12 cake mixes?

Well, hopefully you do!

You see, this is not a “once in a while” sinful splurge. This is a divine delight you can eat every day if you wish.

With a ready supply of Chocolate Bliss Cake mixes you’ll have:

  • Afternoon snacks that will switch off your sugar cravings and leave you feeling comfortably full for hours
  • Healthy “grab-and-go” breakfasts that give you a boost of energy and won’t leave you famished by lunchtime. Chocolate cake for breakfast? You bet!
  • Lunchbox treats your kids will love… and a way for them to get high-quality nutrition without the junk
  • After-dinner desserts that will have your family and guests begging for more.

If you have a family of three or four, you won’t believe how quickly these cakes (or cupcakes) will disappear. You could easily go through a dozen mixes in just a month or two.

And the good news is that your health will be better for it!

Our cakes also make an excellent gift. So keep your friends and family in mind when you order. And with each mix packaged in a gorgeous stand-up pouch, you won’t even have to wrap it.

Since Chocolate Bliss Cake comes with a 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE, why not get the most for your money and try our…

  • BEST VALUE: Order a DIVINE DOZEN for a 20% discount! Pay only $129.95 (that’s just $0.90 per slice) and save $34 off the regular price.
  • GREAT VALUE: Order a SEXY SIX PACK for a 15% discount! Pay only $69.95 (that’s just $0.97 per slice) and save $13 off the regular price.
  • GOOD VALUE: Order a TEMPTING TRIO for a 10% discount! Pay only $37.95 (that’s just $1.05 per slice) and save $4 off the regular price.

order your gluten free chocolate cake

Any package you choose comes out to less than a dollar per serving… less than half of what you would pay for a muffin at Starbucks. And money is not all you’ll save, because that muffin also packs a hefty 500 calories and 30 grams of sugar.

Chocolate Bliss Cake will exceed your wildest dreams. So stop dreaming and take a bite.

Just Blend and Bake for a Bite of Bliss

pouring batter of gluten free chocolate cakeYour mixes will arrive in perfect condition, packaged in beautifully designed, moisture-resistant pouches to lock in the freshness.

When you’re ready, all you need to decide is whether you want to make a cake or cupcakes. The preparation is fool-proof and it’ll be ready in no-time-flat.

If you want, you can always add pecans or walnuts. And if you’re looking for a really decadent treat, consider a jigger of bourbon or some orange zest and a splash of Grand Marnier.

After you’ve poured the batter, don’t forget to lick the bowl. You won’t believe the silky sweet taste and rich chocolate flavor. And if you have kids, you might have to play referee at this point.

Soon, you’ll smell the aroma of warm chocolate and your cake will begin to rise. After 20 minutes, pull it out and let it cool just enough to serve.

Don’t forget to pour a cup of hot coffee or a cold glass of milk. Then indulge, without a moment’s guilt. Every delightful biteful is pure chocolate perfection

And Here’s the Icing on the Cake

We’ve spent all this time talking about our cake. But what’s chocolate cake without the frosting?

delicious sugar free chocolate frostingDon’t worry. We’ve got you covered there too. Well, we’ve got your cake covered at least.

Using many of the same healthy ingredients in our cake, Wellness Bakeries has created the most drippingly-delicious chocolate ganache frosting ever drizzled.

And just like our cakes, you can order your Chocolate Ganache in packages of three, six or a dozen. And of course, you’ll get the same volume discount we offer for Chocolate Bliss.

PLUS, you will also receive our…

Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings Recipe Book

Chocolate Bliss Cake is a sensation on its own. But it also lends itself to so many dessert delights.

get your free sugar free frostings eBook when you orderThat’s why we include a copy of our Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings recipe e-book with every order. It is YOURS FREE, with no obligation.

Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings is loaded with healthy recipes for delicious, finger-licking frostings and toppings that are quick and easy to make. Get ready to swoon for the soul-satisfying pleasures of:

  • Cream Cheese Frosting (Sugar Free)
  • Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (Dairy Free, Sugar Free)
  • Coconut Cream Frosting (Dairy Free, Sugar Free)
  • Butter Pecan Frosting
  • Maple Mesquite Frosting
  • German Chocolate Frosting
  • Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting
  • Brandy-Spiced Cherries
  • Raspberry Glaze
  • Zesty Strawberry & Grand Marnier Compote
  • Whipped Cream with Toasted Coconut
  • BONUS: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

And don’t forget, every order comes with our unconditional…

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

You can count on Wellness Bakeries for products that bring you pleasure and health in equal measure. We never compromise on taste or quality and we stand behind our products to the very last bite.

And you can order with confidence, because you have our solemn promise:

When your mixes arrive, bake your first cake at your convenience. If you are not absolutely thrilled – for any reason whatsoever – just send back the unopened packages within 30 days and we will cheerfully replace your order or refund your money (minus shipping and handling), whichever you prefer.

You may not remember what you had for dinner the day before yesterday, but we assure you: years from now you will remember your first Wellness Bakeries Chocolate Bliss Cake.

You and your family deserve the very best.

So, say yes to your health. Say yes to dessert. Say yes to Wellness Bakeries and you will have your cake and be well too!

order your gluten free chocolate cake
To Your Health,

Kelley & Jon Herring
Wellness Bakeries, LLC

P.S. We’ve heard from so many of you who love Chocolate Bliss Cake and want to know if more products are on the way. The answer is YES! We are already in the process of perfecting…

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Decadent Spice Cake Mix
  • Lemon Pound Cake Mix
  • Pumpkin Cake Mix
  • Pistachio Biscotti
  • Chocolate Soufflé Mix

And when you order Chocolate Bliss Cake you’ll be the first to know when these new healthy delights are available.

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