Happy Customers

For seven years, Wellness Bakeries has been serving up delicious, healthy desserts that are both gluten free and sugar free. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

I’d walk a mile for a piece of this chocolate cake

“I’d walk a mile for a piece of this chocolate cake. Fortunately, I don’t have to. It comes right to my doorstep.”

Melissa L. - Utah

Ease, quality and amazing taste…

Finding Wellness Bakeries has been such a joy for me! I am gluten and grain free, due to digestive issues. I am focused on sourcing high quality foods for my family that includes two pre-school aged boys. I work full time and cook 90 percent of our meals.

With our schedules, baking from scratch is usually not in the cards. The ease, quality and amazing taste of your products allows me to spend more quality time with my kids. And I get to experience the joy of those little faces as they devour their healthy treats! My husband loves them too. This weekend we traveled to a family event. I brought the Carrot Cake Mix and Frosting Starter. It was a huge hit with all!

Thank you!

Aimee D. - Texas

You are on the cutting edge…

You were one of the first food websites that put out truly healthy alternatives and I thank you profusely for that!!! You are on the cutting edge. I appreciate having options in my diet and it is a pleasure to follow you. Thank you so very much for being who you are and for what you do.

Kathleen M. - Florida

Fluffy and flavorful grain-free bread!

I just baked your Better Bread Mix last night. I'm in awe of how good it is! Fluffy, flavorful, healthful grain-free bread – just amazing! All of your products have been as good as promised, and I am forever grateful. I've been gluten-free for many years, and trying to be grain free. Now it will be easy.

Thank you so much!

Mary K. - Massachusetts

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The waffles were delicious!

Wow, the waffles we made from your Miracle Mix were delicious! My husband loves waffles and I was afraid these may be too hearty for him. He said they were REALLY good and asked for a second!

I’m looking forward to trying some of the other recipes in your books. Thanks again for all of your hard work and creativity. This customer certainly appreciates the convenience of not having to always bake from scratch!

Suzanne Z. - Virginia

I vow to spread your name to all I hold dear…

Last weekend I finally made the Chocolate Bliss Cake (cupcakes), and last night I made the Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. I AM SO HAPPY! I am a very satisfied customer and I vow to spread your name to all I hold dear.

After losing almost 30 pounds earlier this year and reaching my ideal weight by changing to a healthier way of eating – and keeping it off – I was so nervous about the upcoming holidays surrounded by delectable temptations. I am now looking forward to all the JOYS of the holidays... along with many Wellness Bakeries treats!

I am expecting many family and friends to stay with us over the next couple of months, and I am thrilled to be able to offer desserts that are both healthy and delicious! I’m confident that you will have several more happy customers before this year is over!

I'll be placing another order this afternoon, and want to try your Brownies with Walnuts recipe.

Robyn A. - California

It couldn't have been easier…

I just took the first batch of cookies I made using your Spice Cake Mix out of the oven, and yum! Thanks for the recipe… it couldn't have been easier!

Judy C. - California

You have re-ignited my enthusiastic feelings about everything we put inside our bodies

I have for 14 years watched what I eat and helped others to look at their food and everything that comes with eating and even shopping.

I am 65 next month and very fit in mind and body and intend to stay that way. I often say I will think about retiring when I am about 92, and with the way I take care of myself now and in the future I will make it happen.

You have re-ignited my enthusiastic feelings about everything that we put inside our bodies.

Pauline K. - Arizona

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Finally, we can enjoy dessert again!

I have been looking for products like yours for a long time. My family loves dessert, but I hate the thought of feeding them so much sugar. Before I knew how unhealthy they were, we tried desserts with artificial sweeteners. But my kids and my husband always responded with YUCK!

Then I came across your website. We made our first batch of cupcakes last night and I am so impressed. More importantly, my family loved it! Thank you!

Karen W. - Arizona

I can't wait to share with my family and friends!

I will certainly be back on your site to buy more of your wonderful goodies! I just made my first batch of Carrot Cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They are DELICIOUS and my family loved them!!!!!!!

In fact, my son left this morning to go back to college. He asked if he could take some, so I sent him off with the rest of the batch and he was super excited! Thank you so much for making such delicious products. And thank you for your wonderful customer service. It is truly one of a kind!!

P.S. I have the digital cookbooks as well – I can't wait to share more of your recipes with my family and friends!

Leann R. - California

I Can Still Have Delicious Desserts and Not Feel Deprived!

All my life I have struggled with an addiction to sugar. The more sweet things I ate, the more I wanted. I couldn’t eat just one piece of something without wanting more.

Since learning about nutrition and the glycemic index, my relationship with food has changed dramatically. I have learned that I can substitute sugar for healthy alternatives (like your Chocolate Bliss Cake). I can still have delicious desserts and not feel deprived!

When out to dinner with friends and they order dessert, I am no longer bothered seeing the dessert, because I know I can go home and have something just as delicious that won’t spike my blood sugar and is even be good for me!

Debbie P. - Pennsylvania

Thanks for Satisfying My Sweet Tooth without Harming My Health!

I'm 65 years old and changed my diet a few years back. I cut out all things white, such as bread, sugar, salt and rarely eat potatoes. I also stopped drinking coke and other related beverages and only drink green tea, water and the occasional cocktail. I recently went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 104 over 70 – excellent for someone my age!

I still have a sweet tooth though. That is why I was so glad to learn about your delicious Chocolate Bliss Cake! You really can have your cake and eat it too!

Donald D. - Florida

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It’s difficult to find products that are both gluten-free and low glycemic… Your products fill the bill perfectly!

I love what you do. I’ve been following you for so long I’m not sure where I found you. I started with the Chocolate Bliss Cake and Carrot Cake. I love them both! I also ordered your Chocolate Chip Cookies, Drinking Chocolate, erythritol and coconut sugar. I have enjoyed them all.

I am gluten intolerant and am working at reducing my consumption of sugar, so your products fill the bill perfectly. There are a lot of gluten-free products available, including some that taste very good. But it is still very difficult to find products that are both gluten-free and low glycemic.

I have recently bought your Better Bread and Miracle Mix and look forward to trying them both. One of the things I particularly appreciate is the many recipes you provide. I am so excited to try your “thin mint” recipe. I LOVED those cookies as a Girl Scout. I also can’t wait to try the Cinnamon Rolls and the biscotti, other favorites that I miss.

Keep up the great work and keep coming with the recipes and new products…. It’s great!

Bari H. - Arizona

I would enjoy it even if I weren’t dieting…

Yours are the first “low-carb” products I’ve found that I would enjoy even if I weren’t dieting.

Judd M. - Arizona

Your recipes are better than anything I've come up with!

I am a nutritionist at a naturopathic clinic in Oakville, Ontario that primarily treats autistic kids. Many of our parents struggle with the transition to gluten-free / casein-free foods and your recipes are better than anything I've come up with! I'm a science girl and not a chef!

Baylee M. - Oakville, Ontario

They are so good I really don’t like to share them!!

I have been talking to my co-workers for weeks about how great your cake is supposed to be. They were skeptical because it is also supposed to be “good for you.” I finally made cupcakes and frosted them with your Chocolate Frosting Starter. Everyone who tried them thought they were awesome!! Thanks for coming up with a dessert that is good for you and tastes great!! It is worth is worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.”

P.S. They are so good that I really don't like to share them!!

Sharon H. - Massachusetts

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I don’t stray, because all of my cravings are totally fulfilled…

I’ve had a lot of chocolate cake in my day and this is the best I have ever eaten. And I can’t believe it’s good for me too.

Finding the products at Wellness Bakeries was a huge blessing! Sticking to a diet free from gluten, grains, dairy, and everything else that causes internal problems can be very difficult – especially when you’re craving “comfort foods.” I always seemed to stray it comes to satisfying a craving… but NOT since I discovered Wellness Bakeries.

I have tried so many other “gluten-free” products sold in health food stores. They either don't taste quite right or they trigger blood sugar spikes like crazy. I've also tried baking my own gluten-free treats from scratch and that never went very well either. Thankfully, Wellness Bakeries has figured it all out.

I've used the bread mix to make loaves, biscuits, hoagies and croutons. (GOD, have I missed bread!) It feels unreal to eat these things and not feel terrible afterward. I feel great and fully satisfied. These products are always going to be part of my routine. I don't stray because all of my cravings are totally fulfilled.

The cakes are great as well – moist and fluffy. I make cupcakes and freeze some so that I always have something on hand. It’s also easy to grab one and throw in my lunch for work. The cookies are a wonderful treat too! I've been able to recreate my favorite cookie craving ever... lemon frosted sugar cookies. I just use the “Sugar” Cookies Mix as directed. To the Classic Frosting Starter, I add lemon essential oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

No more “breaking the rules” just to enjoy a favorite recipe. I could not be more impressed. And you offer so many recipes and options for using the mixes. You don't get bored with the same old thing! No blood sugar spikes, no weird ingredients, no complicated instructions and best of all NO GUILT!!

Thank you so very much for being a leader in sensible, healthy, paleo-friendly DELICIOUS desserts, breads and more!

Laura N. - Minnesota

They taste so good I don't want to eat any other chocolate chip cookies!

My weakness has always been chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, I had written them off forever if I ever wanted to lose weight. Plus, I don't tolerate gluten well, have insulin resistance and am hypoglycemic. But the thing is, I wasn't losing any weight anyway!

I cannot describe the freedom in having found Wellness Bakeries. It has made all the difference in the world to me. I am actually losing weight now because I no longer have the stress of avoiding something I like. They taste so good I don't want to eat any other chocolate chip cookies anymore!

And your customer service is awesome. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Deyanira R. - Puerto Rico

LOVE your Better Banana Bread

I LOVE your Better Banana Bread. I’ve made it several times now. Thank you!

Sue H. - California

I love every product…

I love every product that I have tried of yours. I have tried the cakes, desserts, breakfast mix and frostings. They are fantastic. I need to eat gluten-free and low sugar. I am walking a fine line with diabetes. My family loves them also. Everyone I let taste them loves them!

Thank you for all your wonderful products!

Brenda T. - Utah

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“Tastes like the best from a boutique bakery…”

The products that I have tried taste like the best from a boutique bakery. I love 'em. And to think they’re functional food. Now that’s a bonus. I can eat them and not feel guilty, because they’re good and I know they’re good for me.

Phyliss P. - Pennsylvania

Thank you for caring so much about what foods we eat

Thank you for caring so much about what foods we eat these days, I have been on Paleo for 43 days and have never felt better. I’ve been feeling a few frustrations, which today you have solved with your wonderful products.

Gwendoline R. - Australia

It’s hard to believe something this good can be so good for you!

Thank you so much for creating this product! My husband has to watch his blood sugar carefully. I was so glad to learn that there are options for all-natural, low-glycemic desserts. I am even happier to say that we love the taste. It is hard to believe that something this good can be so good for you!

Catherine S. - Florida

Your Chocolate Bliss Cake passed with flying colors!

I have to tell you that your Chocolate Bliss Cake passed with flying colors! My grandson (who hates anything he even suspects to be healthy) is soooo into these cupcakes. As I am writing this, a second cupcake has disappeared with a very satisfied nine year old, who has been deprived much of his life from such treats.

Now he has a treat that he can take to school in his lunch. I’m so glad I bought a dozen. This will definitely be made on a weekly basis! Thank you!

James F. - Ohio

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Easy and healthy

I did it! Using my favorite cake mix (Chocolate Bliss) and my Villaware Pizzelle Baker (four mini-cookie size), I made chocolate krumkake-style cookies! Not quite as crispy as when using a regular batter recipe, but they were still so good! And easy. And healthy. I just had to share and say “Thank You” again, for your products.

Judy C. - California

What I love about your products is how versatile they are!

I just received my large order from Wellness Bakeries last Saturday. I immediately set about making a loaf of bread and some soft pretzels. They came out delicious. The bread stood up to French toast! I also love your Drinking Chocolate in my coffee. What a treat.

I have been on a low carb plan to heal my gut since January 2014. After four months of very few carbs, I was really craving some of my favorite baked snacks. I tried all kinds of recipes, and what I love about your products is how versatile they are! One mix can make several things.

I am almost 60 years young and I feel better than I have in years eating this way. Thank you for creating these easy to use products that taste great and support my health.

Thank you also for your shipping policy. Because I live in Hawaii, many online products are very expensive to ship. When sites say "free shipping" for me that means about $40.00. Your simple shipping really helps, and my orders arrive within four days!

I will be placing another order soon for my birthday cake!

Martha W. - Hawaii

I’m a careful ingredients list reader… and yours are consistently the best.

As a result of all I've learned from your articles and by using your products, I am now off all medications and have lost weight without even trying! Thank you!

My husband and I are big fans of your cakes and the Drinking Chocolate mix. I have even adapted your cake mix for cookies. Everything we've tried has been luscious. Your products have a big edge over anything else I've found, online or in stores. I'm a careful ingredients list reader and your ingredients are consistently the best.

Judy C. - California

I’m a customer forever!

Thanks Wellness Bakeries! Keep making great products. My favorites are the cookie mixes, cake and frosting mixes. The taste is great, and you feel like you can “treat” yourself without all the chemicals and additives in other products. I feel like I’m actually getting some nutrition while satisfying my “sweet tooth”. I’m a customer forever!!!!

Kristin F. - Illinois

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Family gatherings where sweets are expected are no longer dreaded…

My husband is not Paleo/Primal or even health conscious so it makes things difficult. That said, he's enjoyed everything I've made, as well as his very non-health conscious family. Family gatherings where sweets are to be expected are no longer dreaded thanks to your work and talent. Thank you for everything you do!

Valerie M. - Illinois

Thank you so much for your attention to detail with the ingredients…

I want to thank you for producing such wonderful, gluten-free and healthy products! A few years ago I had some medical tests done, including a test for gluten sensitivity. It came back positive for gluten intolerance.

I had always known that when I eat something with wheat, my belly swells up. I have pictures as a teenager, when I weighed just over 100 lb. I was tiny everywhere, except for a “pregnant” belly. I never seemed to get rid of the belly, even though I was near anorexic. This diagnosis (at age 41) was confirmation of something I already knew.

Fast forward a couple years, and I ran across Wellness Bakeries. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Delicious tasting baked goods, totally gluten-free, and actually HEALTHY? I have to be honest – it took me awhile to break down and order some Chocolate Bliss Cake because it's not the least expensive product on the market. However, boy am I glad I did! I also got the Frosting Starter. I CANNOT get enough of that frosting on this delicious, moist chocolate cake!

I have treated those packages like gold because they save me in a time of chocolate desperation. I have to let you in on my secret – I was eating the Chocolate Bliss for breakfast, lunch and dinner… sometimes, in lieu of meals. I felt so good after eating it, I was happy to replace other food with this cake (and frosting)! My husband has been caught snitching pieces of cake when I'm not around as well. He has no known issue with gluten, but the cake is so good that he can't stay away either!

I also ordered some erythritol and used that for the first time at Thanksgiving (and ever since!). There is ZERO funky aftertaste with this product. It tastes just like sugar, only without the rush/crash. I used it to make the fresh cranberry sauce I saw on the Wellness Bakeries site. I added nuts and extra cinnamon to mine, and it was like dessert. EVERYONE raved about it, including one cousin who swore he couldn't stand cranberry sauce. He even asked me to make it again at the next family gathering!

I've tried some gluten-free products that fell flat on taste and texture. Others have tasted wonderful, but led to a glycemic crash a little while after. I am sensitive to sugar and have diabetes in my family. I simply cannot play around with bad food choices. Wellness Bakeries’ products eliminate my worries about this. Thank you so much for your attention to detail with the ingredients.

I tell everyone I can about Wellness Bakeries. Many thanks and blessings!

Christi K. - Texas

My whole family loved it…

I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear about Wellness Bakeries. I refuse to consume any artificial sweeteners. But I don’t want to eat too much sugar either.

I’m so glad I ordered your products. My whole family loved them. And the best part is that I feel great about giving it to them. I will definitely order again, and I look forward to any new products you have to offer.

Brenda T. - Washington

I was pleasantly surprised to produce six loaves of bread with very little trouble

Searching for a non-grain-based bread product to help manage my blood sugar, I found your Better Bread. As a recently-widowed senior and non-baker, I was pleasantly surprised to produce six loaves of bread with very little trouble. I am now in the process of placing a new order and I am looking forward to baking and enjoying my next batch.

Steve S. - New Mexico

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I am always looking for low-carb recipes and foods. Wellness Bakeries meets both...

I discovered Wellness Bakeries by searching for a diabetic-safe cake. I am always looking for low carb recipes and foods. With Wellness Bakeries I met both of my requirements with just one company.

My favorite are your “Girl Scout Cookie” makeovers. So good! I also love the waffles made from Miracle Mix and I'm thrilled to finally be able to bake using a powdered sugar substitute (erythritol). I don’t have to look any further to find the perfect sweets for my sweet tooth!

Colleen N. - Minnesota

Your products are exceptional

Going grain-free and sugar-free has been a challenge. I was looking for something that would let me have a treat without blowing my new way of eating. I have tried your chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and ginger cookies. The texture in grain-free, sugar-free products is usually crumbly and mealy. But your products are exceptional. I will be trying new ones and reordering the ones I have already tried.


Gina S. - Colorado

We really feel good about eating bread again

We really feel good about eating bread, now that it is actually healthy! Thank you for all your hard work in testing.

Jacki D. - Kentucky

We LOVE the chocolate cake and icing!

I found Wellness Bakeries after I began the Beyond Diet program. I always “thought” that I ate healthy. But I kept gaining weight. I realized that eating packaged foods was my downfall. As soon as I switched to low-glycemic, whole foods, the weight just fell off.

We LOVE your chocolate cake and icing. I make my “healthy” cupcakes all the time and share them with my Mom and daughters. Everyone raves that the taste is amazing. I also like how filling they are. I use one for a meal replacement (breakfast, lunch or mid-day snack).


Gina R. - Pennsylvania

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It is so good I'm having a hard time believing that it truly is 100% healthy

I've tried your Chocolate Bliss Cake and it is amazing. In fact, it is so good I'm having a hard time believing that it truly is 100% healthy. I plan to order more after we move into our new home this month. Thanks for your help!

Jan B. - Minnesota

I’m looking forward to making stuffing and rolls that won’t spike her blood sugar…

My youngest granddaughter, who just turned nine, has Type 1 Diabetes. She will be here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to making stuffing and rolls for Thanksgiving dinner that won’t spike her blood sugar. She is also very excited to make and frost chocolate cupcakes with me! I ran off the entire recipe book today, and I’m going to let her go through it and chose whatever goodies she would like to make.

Oh, and my son and daughter-in-law (her parents) are Paleo, so they’ll be very happy to be able to eat stuffing and rolls, too!

Thank you!

Debbi B. - Washington

I love that is it gluten free and low glycemic…

I am a new customer. I recently tried your Chocolate Bliss Cake, Frosting Starter and Better Bread Mix. I made cupcakes and cream cheese frosting for Mother's Day. I love this cake mix!! It tastes so good, it is hard to believe it's good for you too!

With your Better Bread mix, I made the Paleo pizza crust and hamburger buns. I loved the pizza crust. It was crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside. The Italian spices gave it a nice flavor. I especially love that is it gluten free and doesn't spike my insulin. The hamburger buns are delicious and make one of our favorite family dinners a healthy option!

Katrina P. - Kentucky

They make me feel good while I am eating… AND after I eat too

I like to have your mixes around as a backup in case I need a safe “cheat” in my everyday life – and especially if I know I am going to a party or holiday and want to have some healthy options. The best part is that they make me feel good while I am eating AND after I eat too.

Your packaging and branding is so much better than other companies and the products inside reflect the quality I expect from the slick outside. They taste great and are very high quality. Many of us who eat this way have bought so many products that claim to be healthy and or taste good and they just don't measure up. Nothing is going to "taste" the same as a bad-fat, sugar loaded cake like we are all used to, but I am convinced we don't really "taste" such things but rather feel the sugar spike and that is what we crave. That is not going to be there with healthy foods BUT if you get off the sugar and bad fat roller coaster you realize those foods really don't taste so good while you eat them and definitely make you feel bad after you eat them. Your products do taste very good and make you feel even better.

Christina F. - Kansas

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Your sincerity is touching

Contrary to many who are gluten intolerant or just discovering where they stand with all of this, I discovered this difficulty 25 years ago and have not touched any gluten products since. I lived in France and Asia for much of that time. I am simply saying bravo and thanks for your very earnest and professional efforts with these breads and other creations that don't exist elsewhere. You rock, and your sincerity is touching!

Maggie R. - North Carolina

Chocolate Bliss is everything you say

Just a note to tell you that the Chocolate Bliss is everything you say. Delicious! I've noticed that it cuts my hunger for sweets and that is a blessing. Even my husband (can you believe...not a chocolate lover) says it is very good.

Marilynn K. - Florida

Wellness Bakeries stands alone…

For me, Wellness Bakeries does not even compare to similar products and companies. Wellness Bakeries stands alone. Well done, indeed, and thank you!

Judy S. - United Kingdom

I don't miss eating grains at all… and my gut is all the better for it

I must say you have out done yourselves with your Better Bread mix. The ingredients are perfect and the final product is delicious. I managed to control myself and only have 3-4 slices! I save the egg yolks for my smoothies. I don't miss eating grains at all and my gut health is all the better for it.

Thank you so much!

Cheri H. - Washington

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I am so glad a company such as yours exists…

I am so glad a company such as yours exists. It is so hard to find bread products that do not include corn, wheat, tapioca, all of which I am sensitive to. Thank you!

Steff K. - California

Wellness Bakeries carefully researches and selects ingredients…

I have tried some of the sampler packs from Wellness Bakeries and so far have been very pleased with the results. I feel good about eating your products because I know the ingredients have been well researched and carefully selected.

It’s wonderful to be able to satisfy my husband’s and my huge sweet tooth with guilt-free desserts that are not only delicious but actually good for you!

Patty L. - California

The brownies were AWESOME!

The brownies were AWESOME! When my husband likes the desserts, we are on to something!

Joanna I. - Missouri

I adore the Chocolate Bliss Cake

“I adore your Chocolate Bliss Cake. It is so easy to make and utterly delicious.”

Marcia F. - Georgia

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I have a major sweet tooth. Your products allow me to safely indulge…

I don't remember how I found Wellness Bakeries, but I'm sure glad I did! My favorite product is your Chocolate Bliss Cake! I use coconut oil in mine and it's heavenly. Hard to believe it’s good for me. I have a major sweet tooth and your products allow me to safely indulge.

I've recommended and shared your products with family and friends. Once they have a taste, no one can believe how healthy they actually are. I'm a fan and love all your new offerings. Keep ‘em coming!

Sasha F. - Connecticut

I feel better and have lost weight…

I discovered Wellness Bakeries in a random search for healthy food. I was so glad to find you! I have used your recipes along with the mixes. I love the Chocolate Bliss Cake with the frosting. This is my very favorite. I have also used the Spice Cake and Carrot Cake. My family, including my 89-year-old mom, love your products!

I recently had breast cancer and wanted to really cut down on my sugar consumption, your mixes help with that along with all the education you give your customers. Because of you I exclusively use erythritol and stevia for my sweeteners. I feel better and have lost weight. I haven’t tried your new bread mix yet, but I just ordered a few boxes so I can make your biscotti cookies. Thank you for all of your recipes and hard work!

Sheila B. - California

Thank you both for your ongoing information and articles

I continue to learn so much from you and Jon. Thank you both for your ongoing information and articles.
And I am so grateful for your recipes! I love to eat sweets, yet want to stay healthy. Your recipes allow me to do both.

Robyn P. - Texas

Better than other gluten free mixes!

Bless you all! I bring your cakes to family parties and everyone enjoys them! Better than other gluten free mixes!

Fran F. - Michigan

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Moist and fluffy, with a great chewy texture…

I love your Better Bread Mix because it bakes up moist and fluffy, with a great chewy texture. You don't know what you are missing until you've tried it!

I emailed my younger brother and told him about Wellness Bakeries. He placed an order and loves the Chocolate Bliss Cake Mix! He also gifted some of your products to a friend who is gluten-free.

Wendy K. - North Carolina

Thanks for making my life so much easier!

I can't remember how I found Wellness Bakeries, but I was thrilled when I did. I am gluten intolerant and desperately trying to cut sugar out of my diet. With three small children, it's not easy to find products that we all like and are able to eat.

I tried the chocolate cake, and served it to company at my 3 year old’s birthday party. Every time I serve it (topped with your recipe for cream cheese frosting) I get rave reviews. Even the children can't get enough! I am eager to try the “Sugar” Cookies and the many ways to use that mix.

Thanks for making my life so much easier!

Elizabeth D. - Virginia

Thank you for making life more enjoyable as we strive to eat well and heal…

I wanted to thank you for all the marvelous research, time and effort you've put into your line of gluten free, healthy products. My partner and I are both cancer patients, who started at an alternative treatment center two years ago. At our clinic, the value of diet, the dangers of sugar, and the need to be gluten-free are stressed. They are part of a strict protocol.

For many people, these restrictions make it difficult to find anything enjoyable to eat, particularly sweets, bread or cake, which we all crave.

We started with your Chocolate Bliss cake, Carrot Cake and the ever so scrumptious Spice Cake. All three of those products are delicious and extremely satisfying. I just recently ordered your Better Bread mix. The fact that these are all very low glycemic index products, gluten-free and delicious is amazing to me… and a lifesaver to many of us here at the clinic.
At one point last year, we all got together and placed a large order to get the column discount, and divided the cake mixes amongst ourselves. Yum! Thank you for making life more enjoyable as we strive to eat well and heal!!

Bobbi G. - Florida

Your care and concern, and efforts at ‘making things right’ touch me…

Kelley, thank you so much! I just want to say that your care and concern, and efforts at "making things right" make me tearful and touch me, because most companies want to ignore their customers’ issues. I will spread the word about you, how special you are and what great products you have. I wish for you this holiday season and always, much happiness and every success.

Angela C. - California

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We sacrifice nothing because of Wellness Bakeries

Two years ago my husband and I went gluten-free after reading the book, Wheat Belly. The hardest challenge was breakfast – no cereal, no toast, no EGGOS. Then, my son made us some Chocolate Bliss cupcakes for my husband's birthday. He found out about Wellness Bakeries from his neighbor. We have been hooked ever since! I take your goodies with us when we travel so we have something delicious and gluten free. We are sacrificing nothing going gluten-free, because of Wellness Bakeries.

Thank you!

Judy W. - Arizona

Even my toughest critics LOVED it!!

I am ecstatic with how my mother's birthday dessert turned out! I made the very DELICIOUS Chocolate Bliss Cake. Even my toughest critics (my father and nieces) absolutely LOVED it!! There was quite a bit of pressure to come up with a delicious yet healthy dessert for this birthday party – one that suited my father (who has Crohn’s disease and must be gluten-free) and my mother (who has to watch her blood sugar).

For everyone else – we all just need healthier options to the traditional carb and chemical coma inducing desserts we have become accustomed to over the years.

I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH...YOU ARE MIRACLE WORKERS!!! I look forward to trying all of your other products. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Abby M. - Connecticut

There is something about your Carrot Cake that pushes it over the top…

I wanted to write in to tell you how much I love your line of packaged baking mixes. When I decided to eat less gluten and sugar, I dreaded the idea of not being able to enjoy my favorite sweets. I tried some gluten-free products but none of them offered the right blend of flavor and texture. That is, until I found your cake mixes. I don't recall how your website found me, but I’m sure glad it did!

One of my favorite sweets is chocolate cake. I initially bought your sampler package so I could try each of the cake mixes you offered. Of course, the Chocolate Bliss was the first one I tried. I made cupcakes and boy was I surprised! They were soooo good. I didn't even get them frosted before they were gone!

I knew that the other two mixes could not be better than the Chocolate Bliss, but I was proved wrong when I made the Carrot Cake cupcakes. Usually, carrot cake would never beat out anything chocolate for me. But there is something about yours that pushes it over the top. I enjoy them also without frosting, but do love your cream cheese frosting.

I also made cupcakes with your Spice Cake mix. They are more like a muffin for me. I served these to guests at my home and if I hadn't told them they were gluten-free and practically sugar-free, they never would have guessed. Everyone was pleasantly surprised...then grabbed another one!

More recently, I tried the Miracle Mix and have made both pancakes and waffles. My husband is a picky eater... he doesn't like anything “healthy”! His favorite pancakes are McDonalds and I've never been able to get more 'stars' for my pancakes than he gives McD's… until I made yours. He really liked them! For me, that says a lot!

I also want to thank you for your recipes. It's great to have so many ideas. We especially like the Cinnamon Rolls using the Miracle Mix. One batch makes enough to eat and freeze for later.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for your tireless efforts to provide healthier baked goods. I like to eat, but I'm not very creative in the kitchen and don't really have the time to experiment. I want homemade but like the convenience of packaged products. I feel like I get both with Wellness Bakeries. Many thanks!

Suzanne Z. - Virginia

Everyone needs to know about you!

I want to thank you for the delicious and OOOOH SOOOOOOO good for you desserts!! I ordered some a few months back and just tried them and was SO IMPRESSED with the taste, texture and, of course, clean ingredients!

I am a drug-less health practitioner and weight loss coach and have started sharing your website with my clients. Everyone needs to know about you! Thank you again for all you do and offering such "wholesome" products!

Tracey V. - Ohio

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Thank you so much for producing something delicious and healthy…

I just wanted to let you know that we received the cake and frosting and we all really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for producing something delicious and healthy!

Betty W. - Michigan

Now I can indulge his sweet tooth without feeling bad!

I tried your Vanilla Bean Dream cake with the Frosting mix and my kids loved it! My 15 year old loves cake. But I was always reluctant to bake, due to the nasty ingredients in the store bought mixes. Now I can indulge his sweet tooth without feeling bad! Thank you so much! Can't wait to try your other products.

Luann K. - Wisconsin

Decadent desserts without the high cost of sugar

I've lost over 100 pounds in the past year and have another 15-20 to go before reaching my goal weight. I've learned a lot about how sugar and carbs affect the body and am SOOOOOOOO happy to now see this website offering decadent desserts without the high cost of sugar on the system.

I'm looking forward to being a big customer! My seven year old daughter will be so happy that she can once again have chocolate cake! (I pulled her off of sugar too when I learned about its dangers.)

Stephanie D. - Utah

You have been very helpful for me in making healthy choices

You have been very helpful for me in making healthy choices.

So far, I have lost about 50 pounds! My blood pressure is under control, my joints don't ache as much, I have more energy, and I can tolerate hot weather with less discomfort. Eating healthfully requires a bit more time and effort, but I won't go back!

Also, your Chocolate Bliss Cake is truly blissful. It is great to eat something so healthy and yet so delicious.

Deborah P. - California

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It certainly is good to know there is a place to get these items

I became familiar with Wellness Bakeries through Healing Gourmet. I’ve ordered several products and love all of them. I have made the carrot cake and the chocolate squares for my children and grandchildren and they love them. My grandson needs to eat gluten-free, your products and recipes are exactly what we need. Thank you so much!

Esther T. - Michigan

Cake Mix Creativity…

I received your cakes package early this week. I thought you might like to see what I did with them.

The bottom layer is your Chocolate Bliss Cake, the middle layer is sugar free chocolate cream cheese frosting using your starter, the top layer is your Vanilla cake. All smothered in sugar free cream cheese frosting. It is delicious!

Cake Creaticity 2       Cake Creativity 1


Teri C. - Texas

I love your Chocolate Bliss Cake!!

I love your Chocolate Bliss Cake!! I make it, cut it into squares and freeze it. When I need my chocolate fix I just take one out of the freezer and "chip away" at it. Just great!

Glenn K. - New Jersey

You'd never know they're gluten free!

I made the chocolate chip cookies tonight and they are amazing!!! Both my kids AND my husband love them...you'd never know they're gluten free! Thank you so much for sending the recipe. It was perfect timing.

Angelica M. - Florida

This bread did not raise my blood sugar!

I have been allergic to milk, corn and wheat for years. There was no bread that I could eat without having swelling in my abdomen! And yet everyone in my circle was eating bread, bread, bread!!

I actually prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to give me some bread, so I too could enjoy a sandwich! Not long after, I discovered that Wellness Bakeries had created bread that tastes like a sub roll but has no wheat or other grains in it!! Could this be true?

When my order arrived, I baked the bread exactly as instructed. To be honest, I sat and cried. NOW I HAD BREAD FOR A SANDWICH THAT WOULD NOT MAKE ME SICK!!!

The second blessing was that this BREAD DID NOT RAISE MY BLOOD SUGAR!!! It just doesn't get much better than this!!

I have eaten your bread right out of the oven with some real butter. I’ve also enjoyed sandwiches with roast beef, hot cheese, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce! SOOOO GOOD!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for caring enough to perfect these recipes for folks like me who have REAL NEEDS!!

Brenda B. - Tennessee

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