Organic Cinnamon

organic cinnamon

Nothing says “something’s baking” better than the warm, rich fragrance of cinnamon!

This prized spice is the dried bark of laurel trees in the cinnamomun family. While many varieties of cinnamon are derived from cassia or Cinnamomun aromaticum (Chinese cinnamon), true cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon) – Cinnamomum verum or cinnamomum zeylancium– is native to Sri Lanka.

So what’s the difference?

While both are relatively similar in characteristics and taste, Ceylon cinnamon has a more subtle and refined flavor while the Chinese varieties pack more punch.

Wellness Bakeries Synergistic Cinnamon Blend

And when it comes to baking, the type of cinnamon you use makes all the difference.

Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icingThat’s why we took special care in finding the perfect blend of organic cinnamon to use in our blend-and-bake mixes including our Carrot Cake Mix, Spice Cake Mix, Ginger Spice Cookies Mix and of course, our  Sinless Cinnamon Rolls Mix.

Our signature cinnamon is Korintje – a potent, sweet cinnamon that is the hallmark fragrance and flavor of Cinnabon. The amazingly potent and warming flavor of this cinnamon blends perfectly with smooth Ceylon and intense Saigon cinnamon for the warm, sweet spiciness that will have you addicted to our low-glycemic, grain-free treats!

But this is an addiction with benefits….

Balance Your Blood Sugar with Cinnamon

In fact, recent research presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Francisco found that cinnamon – high in nutrients called polyphenols– boosts insulin function while promoting healthy cholesterol levels.

In fact, as little as a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, taken two times per day, can stimulate the body’s insulin-like activity while promoting healthy cholesterol levels and reducing glucose levels by 10 to 30 percent!

But cinnamon doesn’t just do wonders inside your body…but on the outside too.

Fight Wrinkles… with a Cinnamon Sprinkle!

Recent research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that cinnamon doesn’t just  offer antioxidants but also provide protection against the formation of nasty compounds called advanced glycation end-products (AGEs).

And like the acronym states “AGEs” are youth-destroying agents.

You see, AGEs signal the body’s defenses and cause inflammation and tissue damage –resulting in lines on your face, inflexible arteries and a wide variety of metabolic consequences.

At Wellness Bakeries, we pack a healthy quarter teaspoon of cinnamon into every serving of our gluten free Carrot Cake, Spice Cake and Ginger Spice Cookies for a warm, sweet flavor… with powerful antioxidant benefits.

Delicious Desserts, Packed with the Benefits of Cinnamon

We think you’ll delight in the organic cinnamon blend that gives our blend-and bake mixes an unforgettably sweet, warm taste and fragrance.  But we didn’t start with cinnamon simply for the taste. It’s also chock-full of antioxidants and health-promoting compounds, making our sweet moist, rich cakes and cookies an indulgence with benefits.

And cinnamon is just the beginning. Learn about the many functional ingredients we use at Wellness Bakeries that add mouthwatering flavor and potent benefits.

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