The Antioxidant Sweetener that Tastes & Bakes Like Sugar!

All of the sweetness, none of the guilt!

Our non-GMO Erythritol is the perfect sweetener for all of your healthy baking needs. While it tastes and bakes just like sugar, is has no calories and a glycemic index of zero.

Use erythritol just as you would sugar – cup for cup – in all of your favorite recipes – from brownies and cakes, to cookies and pies!

You can also blend erythritol with other sweeteners – like our Organic Coconut Sugar –  to make your favorite recipes lower in both sugar and calories.

YIELD: 380 grams

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ThumbnailOrder SizePriceDiscountYou SaveQuantity
Erythritol - single Single (1 x 13.4 oz. pouch) $8.950%-4.95
Erythritol - trio Trio (3 x 13.4 oz. pouch) $25.505%$1.354.95
Erythritol - six-pack Six Pack (6 x 13.4 oz. pouch) $48.5010%$5.207.95
Erythritol - dozen Dozen (12 x 13.4 oz. pouch) $91.7515%$15.65Free

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Use erythritol as you would sugar – cup for cup – in all of your favorite recipes.



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