Chocolate Frosting Starter

Chocolate Frosting Starter
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What’s Chocolate Cake… Without the Frosting?

We’ve got it covered, with the most rich and delicious sugar free Chocolate Frosting ever spread…

Our premium dark sugar free Chocolate Frosting is the perfect accompaniment for our gluten free Chocolate Bliss Cake and Vanilla Bean Dream Cake. And because it’s made with the same healthy ingredients, this sweet, rich frosting adds less than one gram of sugar per serving!

And this finger-licking topping is so easy to make! Just add heavy cream or coconut milk, water and vanilla and stir over medium-low heat, then whip with organic grass-fed butter, coconut oil or organic shortening.

PACKAGE YIELD: Frosts One 9-inch cake or 12 cupcakes

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Chocolate Frosting Starter - small Small (1 x 42 gram pouch) $2.950%-4.95

Fantastic Frostings Book

You can certainly enjoy a slice of cake without frosting. And you probably should, since many frostings are loaded with trans fat and sugar. But a cake without frosting is just not the same decadent delight. It is simply not complete.

But with our easy-to-use Frosting Starter Mixes, you can create glazes, drizzles, frostings and toppings to adorn all your favorite cakes… without spiking your blood sugar or harming your health!

Inside Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings are more than a dozen simple recipes, including Dark Chocolate Ganache… fluffy Vanilla Buttercream… tart and sweet Lemon Drizzle… decadent German Chocolate Frosting… classic Cream Cheese Frosting and more!

Our entire collection of digital cookbooks – including Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings – is yours FREE with any purchase from Wellness Bakeries or when you subscribe to the Wellness Bakeries Newsletter.

You Will Need
1 small packet (42 g) Chocolate Frosting Starter
¼ cup organic heavy cream or coconut milk (full fat)
2 Tbsp. water
1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)
8 Tbsp. organic, grass-fed butter or palm shortening (for Buttercream only)

To Make Ganache: Heat water + cream in a small saucepan. Once steaming, stir in Frosting Starter and vanilla. Whisk until dissolved. Remove from heat to thicken. Pour over cake.

For Chocolate Buttercream: Allow ganache to cool. Pour into a deep mixing bowl with butter. Beat with a mixer until fluffy. Spread over cooled cake.