Bread Lover’s Sampler


Paleo-Friendly Sandwiches & More in Minutes!

Gone Paleo, miss bread? You’re not alone! Satisfy your cravings for thick Dagwoods… steaming Philly Cheesesteaks and saucy Meatball Subs… as well as bread basket favorites like Bruschetta and Garlic Bread with our grain-free, low-carb Better Bread Mix and Crusty Boule combo. Makes ~30 sandwiches or 12 large subs or 24 small subs PLUS 2 loaves of crusty bread perfect for dipping, sopping and topping!

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2 Better Bread Mix × 2

Paleo Bread Mix

Gluten-Free Bread… Reinvented!

A warm slice of bread with a pat of melted butter is pure heaven. Unfortunately, bread is one of the worst things to eat when it comes to your health and your waistline. Well, not anymore!

Our gluten-free bread is made with all-natural, low-glycemic ingredients. And best of all, with its chewy center and crispy crust, it tastes just like the real thing. Use this mix to create delicious rolls, buns, crusts, bagels, pretzels and more!

Be sure to pick up our free guide, Better Breads Bakebook, for countless ways to use this versatile mix!

YIELD: Makes 2 free form loaves or 1 large sandwich bread loaf or 6 sub rolls or 12 dinner rolls

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2 Crusty Boule Mix × 2

Crusty Boule - Wellness Bakeries

Artisan Bread Reinvented!

There are few foods more comforting than bread… and even fewer smells are as pleasant and nostalgic as fresh bread, baking in the oven. Unfortunately, there’s little room for this comfort food in a healthy diet, until now…

The taste and texture of our grain-free bread rivals even the best grain-based artisan breads you’ve ever tasted. With its crusty exterior and dense, chewy center, this rustic loaf is up for any traditional preparation or occasion!

YIELD: Two 8” boules (16 servings)

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