Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


Palm sugar – also known as coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar, coconut sap and coconut crystals – is a low glycemic sweetener made from the evaporated sap of the coconut flower.

And while palm sugar tastes a lot like brown sugar, it produces a much smaller effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. In fact, sugar scores a 60-65 on the glycemic index, but palm sugar comes in at  a low glycemic 35!

In recent clinical studies, coconut sugar was found to help maintain blood sugar levels.  Take a look at the comparison chart below of glucose and palm sugar on blood sugar levels:

But the benefits of palm sugar don’t end there. It’s also denser in minerals – including potassium and magnesium – than table sugar.

It’s important to note that palm sugar is not a sugar free sweetener. It does, in fact, contain “sugars. That’s why we use it in combination with erythritol or stevia at Wellness Bakeries. By adding just a little palm sugar, you can achieve a wonderful brown sugar or caramel flavor to your gluten free desserts.

Give Up Sugar… and Keep Your Sweet Tooth Happy!

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Our sweet and delicious grain-free, low-sugar desserts are packed with protein, full of fiber and brimming with antioxidants. And because our sweet treats score so low on the glycemic index, they are even safe for diabetics. You won’t believe a dessert this good can be this good for you!

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