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Over the last ten years, Wellness Bakeries has developed hundreds of simple blend-and-bake recipes, featuring our grain-free, gluten-free and low-glycemic mixes.

Our goal is for YOU to be able to enjoy all your favorite comfort foods… without a care as to how it will affect your health… or your waistline.

The very best of these recipes – including decadent desserts, nourishing home-style breakfasts, chewy fresh-baked breads, crave-worthy cookies and everything in between – are featured in the collection of digital books below.

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The Better Breads Bakebook

Bread is the world’s most versatile and well-loved food. It’s enjoyed in almost every country. It is a universal symbol of sharing. And sadly, it is one of the first foods to go when you are on a grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb or Paleo diet…

But there is good news if you miss your beloved bread… if your favorite sandwiches and rolls no longer grace the table… and if you have sworn off buns, biscuits and baguettes altogether!

In the Better Breads Bakebook, you’ll learn how to make delicious real-food breads that are gluten free, grain free and low carb too!

Inside are easy blend-and-bake recipes for Paleo Meatball Subs… Paleo Philly Cheesesteaks Pumpernickel Bread Focaccia Superfood Dinner Rolls Crispy Paleo Breadcrumbs… and Paleo French Toast

Now you can enjoy breads that actually protect – not wreck – your health!


Better Breakfasts & Brunches

Do you enjoy digging into a thick stack of pancakes, drizzled with syrup… sweet muffins, slathered with butter… or fluffy biscuits, layered with bacon, egg and cheese? Of course, we all do!

Unfortunately, if you’ve given up grains and added sugar, these traditional breakfast favorites are simply off the menu… until now!

Better Breakfasts & Brunches brings you 30+ quick-and-easy, grain-free and low-glycemic recipes, including…

Fluffy “Buttermilk” Flapjacks sticky-sweet Cinnamon Rolls with Icing Parisian-Style French Toast… and booze-infused Banana Nut Bread. You’ll also find savory options like Cheddar SoufflésSausage & Cheese BiscuitsEverything Bagels and more.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect treat for a lazy weekend or a quick grab-and-go on a busy workday… you will discover dozens of hearty (and healthy!) ways to start your day!


The Healthy Holiday Bakebook

Few things are more enjoyable and nostalgic than gathering in the kitchen to bake homemade holiday treats with loved ones.

From cut-out cookies with sprinkles… to rich, fudgy browniesfestive spice cakes… and your family favorite Thanksgiving classics – these goodies are as much fun to create as they are to eat.

But most of us tend to pack on the pounds during the Holidays. And there’s nothing like looking in the mirror at a “bowl full of jelly” to take the shine off your holiday cheer.

That’s why we created the Healthy Holiday Bakebook, filled with 26 festive, delicious (and healthy!) recipes, including Pumpkin Cranberry BreadPaleo Cinnamon RollsGingerbread MenSnickerdoodlesCoffee Cake… plus gluten-free, low-carb Turkey Stuffing and low-glycemic Cranberry Sauce.

 Fantastic Frostings Book

Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings

“You complete me,” said Cake to the Frosting.

You can certainly enjoy a slice of cake without frosting. And you probably should, since many frostings are loaded with trans fat and sugar. But a cake without frosting is just not the same decadent delight. It is simply not complete.

But there is good news…

With our easy-to-use Frosting Starter Mixes, you can create glazes, drizzles, frostings and toppings to adorn all your favorite cakes… without spiking your blood sugar or harming your health!

Inside Fantastic Frostings & Tasty Toppings are simple recipes for Dark Chocolate Ganache… fluffy Vanilla Buttercream… tart and sweet Lemon Drizzle… decadent German Chocolate Frosting… classic Cream Cheese Frosting and more!


Better Brownies Cookbook

A rich and fudgy brownie is the ultimate dessert. With its shiny, crackled top, chewy edges and dense center, there are a myriad of culinary experiences… all in one bite.

Unfortunately, most brownies are made with processed mixes that rely on unhealthy ingredients to produce the sweet, chocolaty dessert we all know and love.

It wasn’t easy to make a healthy version of the classic old-fashioned brownie. But we finally succeeded. And we share all the details in our Better Brownies Cookbook, including…

  • What to add to create a “gooey” brownie
  • The “ice bath trick” for that perfect crackled crust
  • The scientifically-proven ratio of fats to produce the chewiest brownie
  • A “secret ingredient” that adds caramel sweetness (plus an antioxidant punch)

Also included are five decadent recipes:

Coconut “Mounds” BrowniesChewy Chocolate Chip Brownie BarkCast-Iron Skillet BrowniesSalted Caramel Brownies and even Turtle Brownies – all without gluten, grains, soy or dairy – and with less than four grams of sugar per serving!

And all you have to do is melt, stir, pour and bake!

 copycat cookies

Copycat Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are a nostalgic (and delicious!) tradition. But they’re also filled with corn syrup, trans fat, GMOs, gluten, grains and sugar.

That’s why we decided to makeover America’s best-loved packaged cookies with “intelligent ingredients.” So, now you can enjoy your favorites, without jeopardizing your health!

Inside Copycat Cookies are easy recreations, including crispy Thin Mints… chewy coconut-and-caramel Samoas… chocolate-dipped, peanut-butter layered Tagalongs… oatmeal-peanut-butter sandwich Do-Si-Dos… and lemony Savannah Smiles.

And each delicious cookie is gluten free, dairy free and contains less than two grams of sugar!

 Fat Burning Baking

Fat-Burning Baking: Bake Your Way to a Better Body

Did you know that most of your favorite comfort foods – including bread and desserts – have drug-like compounds that make them difficult to pass up… and even harder to stop eating once you start?

It’s no wonder these foods are known to promote obesity and increase your risk for disease… but what if you could indulge without the bulge?

What if there was a way to make all of your favorite baked goods in a way that reduces cravings, increases energy, boosts your mood, quells inflammation, balances hormones and protects your health?

Inside Fat-Burning Baking we discuss the science of hunger and weight gain… we also reveal the “intelligent ingredients” you can use to transform your fresh-from-the-oven favorites into metabolism-stoking, fat-burning treats!

 The Paleo Bakery

The Paleo Bakery: Your Guide to Paleo-Friendly Sweets & Breads

If you’re following a “Paleo” diet, you might wonder if you’ll ever be able to enjoy a sweet dessert or buttery slice of bread again. So, here’s the deal…

Thanks to a new breed of natural, low-glycemic, real-food ingredients… you CAN whip up decadent desserts and hearty comfort-food breads that are compliant with an ancestral diet.

And not only are these foods that our ancestors DID consume… but the macronutrient ratios (protein, fats, carbs) of the finished products are in perfect alignment with our Paleolithic past.

The Paleo Bakery provides an in-depth discussion of the healthiest grain-free flours… the best natural low-glycemic sweeteners (and which so-called “healthy” sweeteners to avoid), plus our favorite slimming fats.

Also included are seven delicious “from scratch” recipes for making your own chewy, golden breads and sweet, decadent desserts… all made with grain-free, low-carb, natural ingredients!