What is the glycemic index / glycemic load of your cakes?

Many people are familiar with the “glycemic index” and where certain foods fall on this spectrum. But the “glycemic load” is a much better measure of the quantity and quality of carbohydrates in a food and how this food may affect your insulin response.

Based on our calculation, the GL per serving of our cakes is 9.67. Anything below 10 is considered “low.” For a cake that tastes as rich and decadent as ours, this may seem hard to belief. It is possible because many of the ingredients that we use have a glycemic load of ZERO. For example: Almonds (GL=0), Erythritol (GL=0), Organic Coconut Flour (GL=0), Inulin (GL=0), Stevia (GL=0), Cocoa (GL=5).