What is the shelf life of your products?

We have tested all of our products, unrefrigerated, for up to two years with no issues related to taste, aroma or baking quality.

We don’t use any preservatives in our products. However, that does not mean there are no preservatives inside. The antioxidants present in organic cocoa (found in our Chocolate Bliss Cake, Drinking Chocolate, Chocolate Frosting Starter and Better Brownies mixes) as well as the cinnamon (found in Carrot Cake, Spice Cake and Ginger Cookie mixes) function as powerful natural preservatives. Erythritol – the primary natural sweetener used in our products – also helps to extend shelf life.

If you plan to use our baking mixes (including Cookie, Cake, Bread, Pizza and Breakfast Mixes) within a few months, simply store them in a cool, dark place (cabinet or pantry). If you wish to store them for longer than six months, we recommend the fridge or freezer. This will not alter the finished product in any way.

Our other products do not contain oil-rich almonds, chia and flax. These products include Frosting Mixes, Drink Mixes and Ice Cream Mixes and all of our single-ingredient products, like Erythritol, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Chia, Dark Chocolate Chips, Organic Cocoa Powder and Organic Psyllium. These products are shelf stable for up to three years.