Why do you use erythritol as your primary sweetener?

Erythritol is the perfect replacement for sugar. That’s because it looks like sugar. It tastes like sugar. And it bakes like sugar. Unlike sugar, however, erythritol has no calories and provides zero glycemic impact. That means it does not contribute to weight gain and won’t raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

Erythritol has been safely used in food products in Japan for more than 25 years. In 2001, it was approved by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). Here at Wellness Bakeries, we have been using this ingredient in our products, our testing, and our own home for more than 10 years. Our results and feedback have been nothing but positive.

Based on voluminous research and testing, we have found erythritol to be superior in virtually every way to sugar and other high-calorie, high-glycemic sweeteners.

The best part is that this healthy substitute is found naturally in many foods, including mushrooms, watermelon, pears and grapes (as well as fermented foods like sake, wine and soy sauce). That means it is already well recognized by your body. In fact, it’s estimated that the average person consumes between 30 and 100 mg of naturally-occurring erythritol daily from our regular diets.

What’s more it does not promote tooth decay. In fact, it has even been shown to reduce plaque and the risk of dental cavities. It also has a very high digestive tolerance and does not cause gastrointestinal upset for the vast majority of people (unlike some sugar alcohols).

There are even studies which show that the antioxidant activity of erythritol can improve the health of your blood vessels. The following links provide additional information on this important benefit: