I don’t stray, because all of my cravings are totally fulfilled…

I’ve had a lot of chocolate cake in my day and this is the best I have ever eaten. And I can’t believe it’s good for me too.

Finding the products at Wellness Bakeries was a huge blessing! Sticking to a diet free from gluten, grains, dairy, and everything else that causes internal problems can be very difficult – especially when you’re craving “comfort foods.” I always seemed to stray it comes to satisfying a craving… but NOT since I discovered Wellness Bakeries.

I have tried so many other “gluten-free” products sold in health food stores. They either don’t taste quite right or they trigger blood sugar spikes like crazy. I’ve also tried baking my own gluten-free treats from scratch and that never went very well either. Thankfully, Wellness Bakeries has figured it all out.

I’ve used the bread mix to make loaves, biscuits, hoagies and croutons. (GOD, have I missed bread!) It feels unreal to eat these things and not feel terrible afterward. I feel great and fully satisfied. These products are always going to be part of my routine. I don’t stray because all of my cravings are totally fulfilled.

The cakes are great as well – moist and fluffy. I make cupcakes and freeze some so that I always have something on hand. It’s also easy to grab one and throw in my lunch for work. The cookies are a wonderful treat too! I’ve been able to recreate my favorite cookie craving ever… lemon frosted sugar cookies. I just use the “Sugar” Cookies Mix as directed. To the Classic Frosting Starter, I add lemon essential oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

No more “breaking the rules” just to enjoy a favorite recipe. I could not be more impressed. And you offer so many recipes and options for using the mixes. You don’t get bored with the same old thing! No blood sugar spikes, no weird ingredients, no complicated instructions and best of all NO GUILT!!

Thank you so very much for being a leader in sensible, healthy, paleo-friendly DELICIOUS desserts, breads and more!