Thank you so much for your attention to detail with the ingredients…

I want to thank you for producing such wonderful, gluten-free and healthy products! A few years ago I had some medical tests done, including a test for gluten sensitivity. It came back positive for gluten intolerance.

I had always known that when I eat something with wheat, my belly swells up. I have pictures as a teenager, when I weighed just over 100 lb. I was tiny everywhere, except for a “pregnant” belly. I never seemed to get rid of the belly, even though I was near anorexic. This diagnosis (at age 41) was confirmation of something I already knew.

Fast forward a couple years, and I ran across Wellness Bakeries. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Delicious tasting baked goods, totally gluten-free, and actually HEALTHY? I have to be honest – it took me awhile to break down and order some Chocolate Bliss Cake because it’s not the least expensive product on the market. However, boy am I glad I did! I also got the Frosting Starter. I CANNOT get enough of that frosting on this delicious, moist chocolate cake!

I have treated those packages like gold because they save me in a time of chocolate desperation. I have to let you in on my secret – I was eating the Chocolate Bliss for breakfast, lunch and dinner… sometimes, in lieu of meals. I felt so good after eating it, I was happy to replace other food with this cake (and frosting)! My husband has been caught snitching pieces of cake when I’m not around as well. He has no known issue with gluten, but the cake is so good that he can’t stay away either!

I also ordered some erythritol and used that for the first time at Thanksgiving (and ever since!). There is ZERO funky aftertaste with this product. It tastes just like sugar, only without the rush/crash. I used it to make the fresh cranberry sauce I saw on the Wellness Bakeries site. I added nuts and extra cinnamon to mine, and it was like dessert. EVERYONE raved about it, including one cousin who swore he couldn’t stand cranberry sauce. He even asked me to make it again at the next family gathering!

I’ve tried some gluten-free products that fell flat on taste and texture. Others have tasted wonderful, but led to a glycemic crash a little while after. I am sensitive to sugar and have diabetes in my family. I simply cannot play around with bad food choices. Wellness Bakeries’ products eliminate my worries about this. Thank you so much for your attention to detail with the ingredients.

I tell everyone I can about Wellness Bakeries. Many thanks and blessings!