There is something about your Carrot Cake that pushes it over the top…

I wanted to write in to tell you how much I love your line of packaged baking mixes. When I decided to eat less gluten and sugar, I dreaded the idea of not being able to enjoy my favorite sweets. I tried some gluten-free products but none of them offered the right blend of flavor and texture. That is, until I found your cake mixes. I don’t recall how your website found me, but I’m sure glad it did!

One of my favorite sweets is chocolate cake. I initially bought your sampler package so I could try each of the cake mixes you offered. Of course, the Chocolate Bliss was the first one I tried. I made cupcakes and boy was I surprised! They were soooo good. I didn’t even get them frosted before they were gone!

I knew that the other two mixes could not be better than the Chocolate Bliss, but I was proved wrong when I made the Carrot Cake cupcakes. Usually, carrot cake would never beat out anything chocolate for me. But there is something about yours that pushes it over the top. I enjoy them also without frosting, but do love your cream cheese frosting.

I also made cupcakes with your Spice Cake mix. They are more like a muffin for me. I served these to guests at my home and if I hadn’t told them they were gluten-free and practically sugar-free, they never would have guessed. Everyone was pleasantly surprised…then grabbed another one!

More recently, I tried the Miracle Mix and have made both pancakes and waffles. My husband is a picky eater… he doesn’t like anything “healthy”! His favorite pancakes are McDonalds and I’ve never been able to get more ‘stars’ for my pancakes than he gives McD’s… until I made yours. He really liked them! For me, that says a lot!

I also want to thank you for your recipes. It’s great to have so many ideas. We especially like the Cinnamon Rolls using the Miracle Mix. One batch makes enough to eat and freeze for later.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for your tireless efforts to provide healthier baked goods. I like to eat, but I’m not very creative in the kitchen and don’t really have the time to experiment. I want homemade but like the convenience of packaged products. I feel like I get both with Wellness Bakeries. Many thanks!